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Keep your website content fresh and up to date with our monthly maintenance packages. Sit back and relax while we take care of all your maintenance needs.

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Shop & Product Management

Keeping your product selection fresh can is the best way to keep your customers engaged with your products and your brand. We can edit products in bulk, create product variations or add specials and sales to featured products. Do you have a selection of products that are constantly changing and need updating? We can keep your e-commerce store products updated every month or as needed.

SEO Management & Content Strategy

SEO management is an ongoing process that requires continuous testing, implementation and revision to get the best results. Our once-off SEO audit will go a long way to determine any SEO improvements or opportunities on your website. The next step is to implement and access your results so you can make any improvements. Ongoing content marketing is also included to bring more value to your site, build trust and educate your customers on your service.

Website Backups

It has become common practice for hosting providers to keep a backup of their website in case they need to restore the website for whatever reason however these backups are usually kept on the server and are still at risk of being affected by a website hack or malware infection. To keep your website secure, we will perform frequent monthly offsite backups that are stored on a separate secure server to guarantee your websites safety.

Update WordPress, Plugins & Theme

Keeping your website, themes and plugins up to date regularly will keep your website safe and prevent any potential security exploits that might be used by hackers. Older versions of WordPress are freely available online for anyone to view and as such, they are susceptible to backdoors and security exploits. We offer monthly WordPress updates which include the latest features, bug fixes and page speed improvements for your website.

Technical Support & Maintenance

We are here to help and guide you throughout the process and offer lifetime technical support to help with any website, email, marketing or other technical queries. We do offer a flexible monthly maintenance retainer if you require regular changes to your website, or we can charge you for once-off work performed at an hourly rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer maintenance for any website created by Crux Digital. Pre-existing websites will need to be evaluated first before deciding if we can help you with maintenance. Websites created by other developers can vary in quality are sometimes only operational by the original developer, especially if the website has a high level of customisation and custom code. We only offer maintenance for WordPress websites.

Our maintenance retainer comes with one hour of maintenance every month after which you will be charged for any additional time spent on work for that month. We can discuss a custom retainer with a longer monthly quota if necessary.

You can run your own offsite backups and manually update WordPress, themes and plugins yourself from the WordPress Dashboard if you prefer.

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